Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Whats cooking?!? ;)

One fine day i was like i AM making muffins today.. I have always wanted to make them.. i like baking than cooking! So i pulled my brother to drive me to nilgiris that evening and got all the ingredients required. i actually had a hard time shopping for them because it was the first time i shopped for grocery alone because mom always accompanied me.. :) But this time i was like okayy i am going to do everything by myself. And the shopping part was a success :D yayy! (P.S: my brother did help me to hunt for things i could'nt find :P sweet bro! but i DID have to pay for that.. he gave me a long list of things (junk food ofcourse ;)) he wanted..pheww! Nevermind! my work was done :) )
So i had all the things needed but it was too late by the time i got back home. So i thought tomorrow was THE day :D
The next day i was so excited i was going to bake but my mom was like why dont you try making Biryani(thats THE most delicious dish ever).. you really HAVE to learn that! i was like fine let me do it. And i got the recipe from her and asked her NOT to step into the kitchen.. so YES i did it ALL by myself :)) from cutting the veggies to EVERYTHING! i was so so happy it actually did come out well but wasn't PERFECT. I cooked the rice for a little longer time :( but come on! it was my FIRST time :) so i think its ok. My mom dad and brother liked it:) But i really have to work on making it PERFECT because my fiance is really particular about food ;) and it HAS to be perfect! :D Well insha Allah i should work on that :)
Check out my mom's biryani recipe i have posted below and a few decent pics i clicked. Hope you guys try it out and it comes out just PERFECT :)

Mutton Biryani (Serves 4)


Mutton - 1/2 kg
Lime - 1/2
Curd - 3 tbsp
Chilli powder - 1 tsp
Dhania(Corriander) powder - 1/2 tsp
Haldi(Turmeric) powder - 2 pinch
Salt (to taste)

Mix everything together and marinate for 30 mins (minimum)

Adan(For the rice , 3 ADAK):

> Boil water
> Add the rice (after washing it thoroughly and soaked)
> Salt (to taste)
Check the rice.. if it is half cooked it is actually ready because we have to cook it again with the masala(Akhni)!

Akhni (Masala):

Onion (sliced) - 3
Tomato (sliced) - 3
Pudina leaves(washed)- 1/4 bunch
Green chilli (slit) - 3 1/2
Cloves(laung) - 3
Patta - small stick
Elaichi - 2
Ginger-Garlic (GG) paste - 6 tsp
Corriander leaves(washed)
Lemon-yellow colour - 1 pinch in water

Take a vessel(or cooker) Add oil and onion, stir well.Add salt and close the lid (this helps the onion to cook faster) keep stirring until you see the beautiful brown colored onions.Once the onions are cooked well add green chillies and stir well. Add tomatoes and stir again. The tomatoes have to be cooked really well. Let it cook with random stirring until you get an aroma.Dont let it burn :D Keep stirring.It plays a main role! Now add the GG paste and stir well.i really think the stirring part is very important,so dont leave the kitchen for any darn reason! Now add the mutton(marinated) and stir well and add some fresh corriander leaves. Close the lid and let the mutton cook.If you are using a cooker, 2 whistles will do. Once the mutton is done layer the half cooked rice on top of the akhni(masala) evenly.Now add the lemon yellow colour on top of the rice and close the lid. Let it cook well.
Once the rice is well cooked you can mix little by little and serve hot :) Voila your Biryani is ready ;)

I also made baingan ki chutney(Bagaare baingan) and raita. Will post the recipe later :)

Now when i was soo tired after cooking and eating :D i remembered i still had something to make :P my MUFFINS :)
So i just took rest for an hour and it was almost evening and i was all set to make my dark chocolate-chip muffins <3
Check out the recipe for it on my next post.. :)

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  1. The muffins look wow! Yumm yumm! MashaAllah! :D
    Must try it out!

    Oh and the biryani tooo! :)I still can't believe you actually cooked biryani all by yourself! :P