Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Aaloo Paratha :)

I love aloo ka paratha n always used 2 ask my north indian frnds ( Rashmi n Nirali) durin my bain skool days 2 bring loads f aloo parathas for me :) n al f a sudden 1 fine aftrnoon my tongue craved for it again n i started askin mum n few other frnds on hw 2 make d best aloo parathas as 2 make my parathas Finger lickin yummmyyyyyyyy :D n i started it by collectin al ingredients n my mum in law helped me too in makin my dish delicious :) Alhamdulillah it came out reallyy well n evry1 enjoyed havin it :) so here goes d receipee :)

For d Dough - > (Serves 4 - 5 ) -> depends on hw much s been eaten per person ;)

4 cups - All-purpose flour (Maida)
1 cup - Regular Whole wheat flour (Ata)
1 tsp - Salt
1/2 cup Milk
1/2 cup Oil

Crumble everything together and use luke warm water to knead a bit harder than normal dough.
Leave it covered on the counter for at least an hour.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Chocolate-chip muffins

Chocolate-chip muffins: (Makes 12)

Pre-heat oven to 180 C (375 F)
Muffin tray
Muffin liners(12 cups)
2 bowls (for wet and dry ingredients)
Measuring cup

Dry ingredients:

1 3/4 cups (230 g) - All purpose (white) flour
1 1/4 cups (265 g) - Brown sugar
2/3 cup (60 g) - Cocoa powder(Unsweetened)
1 tsp - Baking powder
1 tsp - Baking soda
1/2 tsp - Salt
1 cup - Choc-chips(Add them in a little flour.. this helps the choco-chips to spread evenly in the batter)

Add everything in a bowl in the same order and whisk together or mix with your hands.There should be no lumps formed.

Wet ingredients:

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Mince masala

Boredom striked again. So this time I took Fara's and entered kitchen. The dinner was not yet cooked, so I learnt to cook plain rice (finally! :D) and minced meat curry!

Before I forget how I cooked it, I thought it would be sensible to save the recipe here for the "mince masala"! :) (Naming credit goes to Fara :P)


Minced meat - 500 g
Onion - 500 g medium diced
Tomato - 3 medium size and diced
Green chilli - 3
Ginger Garlic paste - 1 and 1/2 tsp
Corionder - finely chopped
Red chilli powder
Salt - to taste
Turmeric - 1/2 tsp
Oil- 3-4 tbsp


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tiny tips to ease your job at home

Are the ants eating away your sweets? Or is the mirror not as good as new? 
Are the rats and mice getting over your nerves? Or are the onions making you cry? :D
Find a solution to those tiny problems at home everyday with these tiny tips! :)

Ants Problem:
Ants hate cucumbers.
Keep the skin of cucumbers near the place or ant hole.

To  get pure and clean ice : 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Whats cooking?!? ;)

One fine day i was like i AM making muffins today.. I have always wanted to make them.. i like baking than cooking! So i pulled my brother to drive me to nilgiris that evening and got all the ingredients required. i actually had a hard time shopping for them because it was the first time i shopped for grocery alone because mom always accompanied me.. :) But this time i was like okayy i am going to do everything by myself. And the shopping part was a success :D yayy! (P.S: my brother did help me to hunt for things i could'nt find :P sweet bro! but i DID have to pay for that.. he gave me a long list of things (junk food ofcourse ;)) he wanted..pheww! Nevermind! my work was done :) )
So i had all the things needed but it was too late by the time i got back home. So i thought tomorrow was THE day :D
The next day i was so excited i was going to bake but my mom was like why dont you try making Biryani(thats THE most delicious dish ever).. you really HAVE to learn that! i was like fine let me do it. And i got the recipe from her and asked her NOT to step into the kitchen.. so YES i did it ALL by myself :)) from cutting the veggies to EVERYTHING! i was so so happy it actually did come out well but wasn't PERFECT. I cooked the rice for a little longer time :( but come on! it was my FIRST time :) so i think its ok. My mom dad and brother liked it:) But i really have to work on making it PERFECT because my fiance is really particular about food ;) and it HAS to be perfect! :D Well insha Allah i should work on that :)
Check out my mom's biryani recipe i have posted below and a few decent pics i clicked. Hope you guys try it out and it comes out just PERFECT :)

Friday, 25 November 2011

It's finger licking good! :)

Oh yes! You know what I am talking about - KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken - It's definitely "finger licking good!" Yumm yumm! :P
Well, while I loveee to have the chicken, one of the side dishes,I can't go without, is the coleslaw salad! It's one of the only salads i LOVE.. and my KFC meal is incomplete without it!
So today while browsing I found the recipe for it, and well I just HAD to post it here for future reference, you know so that incase I want to make it at home with my very own broasted chicken( well whenever in future I learn to make that one)! :P
Now, without further ranting, here's the recipe

Saturday, 12 November 2011

To all maggi lovers!

Many of us can’t do without ”Maggi” especially when one is away from home, in a foreign land. Here is a piece of information to share so that we can remove the potential health hazard of consuming Maggi.
Maybe you should print this to keep as a reminder, pin it up in the kitchen or dining room as a reminder or in your purse if you are always travelling.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Random Sundae!

Weekends are a bliss aren't they? Come friday, just the thought of a weekend is a bliss! But by Sunday evening, boredom and the pre monday blues can get so depressing!

Oct 30 2011, was one such boring sunday. Net was disconnected, I was absolutely not in any mood to study, and I had absolutely nothing to do, except listen to my nieces crib and irritate me the entire day! :D
So, to kill boredom we decide to do something. We began searching for recipes in magazine which we had decided to prepare a loonngg time ago! But, well nothing suited us best. And then, Alhumdulillah, a random idea strikes and my brain was left working again! With all the random items I could think of we ended up making this ---->

Sunday, 30 October 2011

The art of good cooking


I will not keep it a secret that I am not one of the cooking fans, as I used to consider it as a waste of time and effort.

When I got engaged, I discovered that my mother-in-law is one of those who spends most of her time at the kitchen, moreover she loves to give variety to new kinds of food from time to time using different kinds of Arabic and Western cooking books.

This matter – of course – used to make me worry because I thought that my fiancĂ©, after marriage, would compare between my cooking and his mother’s.

So when we had finished with all marriage arrangements and the marriage date was determined, my fiancĂ© noticed that I was delaying the wedding and every time I used to invent a different excuse so finally he came and asked me “You are delaying the marriage for a reason I do not know, what is it?” then I felt the matter is being discovered and I do not have anything to do but saying the truth, so I said “ Frankly, I hate kitchen!” then he laughed in astonishment and told me “Anyway I like simple kinds of food and also I do not mind if I eat the same kind of each two days ” these words calmed me down and I did not delay the marriage any more, on the contrary after I got married I started feeling responsible for the house and all its matters which included the kitchen! So I told myself “You have to do your best in the kitchen even if your husband likes simple kinds of food”.

The first day I entered my kitchen for cooking I asked God for help and trust on Him then I pleaded Him that my food would not come to be much less that of my mother-in-law. Then I started to cook and during that time I remembered--with God’s help-- some words of one of our sisters who was giving us lessons at the masjid during Ramadan and she said – God Rewards her—“The Arabian woman spends most of her life time at the kitchen, especially in Ramadan, which wastes much of this great month. Ramadan is like a scent flying away easily! So do not miss it in the kitchen and such kind of works, and if though why do not you mention God while at the kitchen? Has anyone of you tried to cook while she is glorifying Allah?!”

I felt I need to do that, not to take the opportunity of Ramadan—because we were in other month which I do not remember now—but for the hope that God Will Make my food taste good!!

And I decided to start with saying God’s name before each step; starting with turning the fire on , passing through putting butter, then onion and garlic , then tomato and ending with turning the fire off.

The second time I asked myself why do not I say Surat Al-Ikhlas (the loyalty), after mentioning God’s name, during each step? I love this Surah very much, it is short and there are a lot of rewards with saying it too!!

So I have started doing that with God’s help and then, subsequently, God led me to glorify Him while the food is being cooked and during washing the dishes or cleaning the kitchen.

My husband’s reaction was to praise my food to the extent that he said my food has been better than his mother’s! —And of course I did not believe him then—because I am not the one who would pay much attention for the taste of food as long as it fits for eating and the salt is not too much, and I thought him saying that as a compliment, after all I was still a new bride and such compliments are very normal. But I have noticed that he is repeating such words very often and this made me so happy but I never believed him and thought it was just an encouragement from him especially when I discovered that he is one of the greatest fans when it comes to well cooked food , moreover he pays much attention to the way each kind of food is cooked, and what he told me before marriage turned out to be an encouragement, nothing more!!!

When I used to invite my mother-in-law to spend few days with us she also used to praise my food and I thought she was making a compliment as well. I have noticed that she used to spend her time with me at the kitchen while I was pleading her to have rest at the living room however she used to refuse. Because we were chatting with each other—I did not notice that she was watching my cooking till she asked me once about the method of cooking a certain kind of food and when I mentioned it she was surprised but I still did not understand why she called me once, after months from my marriage, to tell me “I adjure you to tell me the secret of your food taste” so I asked her if she was joking but she swore that she was not!!!

This was a surprise for me and I started thinking deeply to find out the reason but I could not find any but mentioning God’s name and surat Al-Ikhlas and sometimes glorifying God so I told her: “Do you want the truth?” she said “Sure” then I told her the aforementioned , she was surprised but she seemed as if she did not believe me, I noticed the next time she visited us that she was watching me while cooking to make sure of what I had told her!! And when she believed she told me that she “is doing the same thing now” and that she started noticing a progress in her food taste too!!!.

The funny thing about this matter is that I do not hate cooking or spending time at the kitchen anymore, especially when I play a cassette there; in the kitchen, to listen to Quran and different kinds of religious lessons. Subsequently the time I am spending at the kitchen has become an amusement and I do not feel the pass of time except after finishing with everything.

Not only that but also—with God’s help—I am not confined to cook just the ordinary dishes but also baking foods like cake, pizza, and sometimes making jars and pickles to the extent that my friends and relatives did not believe that when they knew!!!

Glory to Allah that mentioning Him has secrets we do not know, but such ignorance does not prevent us from the amazement of such secrets. So Glory to you God how great you are!!!! :)

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