Friday, 25 November 2011

It's finger licking good! :)

Oh yes! You know what I am talking about - KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken - It's definitely "finger licking good!" Yumm yumm! :P
Well, while I loveee to have the chicken, one of the side dishes,I can't go without, is the coleslaw salad! It's one of the only salads i LOVE.. and my KFC meal is incomplete without it!
So today while browsing I found the recipe for it, and well I just HAD to post it here for future reference, you know so that incase I want to make it at home with my very own broasted chicken( well whenever in future I learn to make that one)! :P
Now, without further ranting, here's the recipe

Saturday, 12 November 2011

To all maggi lovers!

Many of us can’t do without ”Maggi” especially when one is away from home, in a foreign land. Here is a piece of information to share so that we can remove the potential health hazard of consuming Maggi.
Maybe you should print this to keep as a reminder, pin it up in the kitchen or dining room as a reminder or in your purse if you are always travelling.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Random Sundae!

Weekends are a bliss aren't they? Come friday, just the thought of a weekend is a bliss! But by Sunday evening, boredom and the pre monday blues can get so depressing!

Oct 30 2011, was one such boring sunday. Net was disconnected, I was absolutely not in any mood to study, and I had absolutely nothing to do, except listen to my nieces crib and irritate me the entire day! :D
So, to kill boredom we decide to do something. We began searching for recipes in magazine which we had decided to prepare a loonngg time ago! But, well nothing suited us best. And then, Alhumdulillah, a random idea strikes and my brain was left working again! With all the random items I could think of we ended up making this ---->