Thursday, 31 January 2013

Am I with the right person?

During a seminar, a woman asked," How do I know if I am with the right person?"

The author then noticed that there was a large man sitting next to her so he said, "It depends. Is that your partner?" In all seriousness, she answered "How do you know?" Let me answer this question because the chances are good that it's weighing on your mind replied the author.

Here's the answer.

Every relationship has a cycle… In the beginning; you fall in love with your partner. You anticipate their calls, want their touch, and like their idiosyncrasies. Falling in love wasn't hard. In fact, it was a completely natural and spontaneous experience. You didn't have to DO anything. That's why it's called "falling" in love.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

5 Minutes DIY: Revamped Pin Cushion

During the christmas vacations, my niece and I decided to make a simply pin cushion tutorial of which we found on a blog. We did not have the fiberfill as it was mentioned so we tried out using cotton.. but didn't work :( You just could not stick pins into it.

We were disappointed and wondering what we could do. Just then it clicked why not instead just revamp the box we had received the hijab pins in? :)