Monday, 19 November 2012

Turkish Delicacies

It's been quiet some time since a new post went up here. Anyway, in the beginning of the year I decided to write for a teen magazine called "Muslimah Girls Magazine". I took up the job of contributing recipes to the mag, hoping that atleast this way I will try out new recipes and learn to cook! :P

It so happened that the first edition I was supposed to contribute to, the mag started a world tour theme, where each edition will be based on a country. So the first country we started with was Turkey, and since I took the responsibility of giving in recipes, I was expected to contribute Turkish recipe. Now, I being an extremely amateur cook, it's more than sufficient if I learn to cook "ghar-ka-khana" but now I was in this place where I had  to submit "Turkish" recipe. After much thought, I then realised that this would be a good way to learn some foreign cuisine right.. so I should go for it! ;) well atleast I would learn a dish or two?