Friday, 18 May 2012

Canvas Painting

I have always loved to paint.. but never really got a chance to learn the art! I remember once I tried and painted some really messy painting, this was about 3 years back. After that I never tried! :D

Off-late I came across some lovely Islamic canvas paintings with Islamic calligraphy on them, which renewed my desire to paint again. I decided I wanted to paint the verse "Allah is sufficient for me" in Arabic and put it up on my lonely wall in my room! :D I thought it would serve as a great reminder for me!

I then decided I should start with something smaller first, so I started jotting ideas to paint "Ar-Rahman", a name of Allah, which means "The most-Merciful"!

I first practised how to write this in arabic on a plain sheet of paper and got it corrected from my arabic teacher. I got myself a canvas and  started to paint!

Frankly, it turned out very random because I had no clear picture in mind of what colour i was going to use. I just knew I wanted to match my room.. So I mixed white and yellow with intention of getting somewhat an off-white colour, but after I finished painting it looked more on the greener side! Next, I ended up writing "Allah" instead of what I had intended to..!

Here's a peek into how it turned out..
Completed background! Now the flower was not intended to be that way .. but well it turned out so! And I also did some spray painting with green color! :P

This is after I had completed!

After this I also did an outline in gold glitter pen.. which was a bad idea, cause even though it looked better, it wouldn't dry, so it spread here and there!

Anyway, I can't say I was 100% satisfied with my work.. but alhumdulillah for however it turned out!

InshaAllah, next time (if I do it again :P) I'll know what NOT to do! ;)

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