Monday, 9 January 2012

Growing Up!

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As kids I remember playing "Home sweet Home" games. I'm sure this is a game most of the girls have played during their childhood. It's where one of us becomes a mummy and another friend the kid and where we send the kid to school after preparing breakfast and packing lunch for them in our own "kitchen" with the teeny-tiny vessels. Hah! :D  Infact at times the "Kitchen-kitchen" was a seperate game in itself! :P We had a tiny stove with its own tiny gas cylinder, pans, vessels, containers, spoons, plates and not to forget the lovely little tea sets! :) Ever upgrading the collection with something more better, I remember in particular a set also contained it's own fridge and microwave oven, which if I'm not wrong I had made a fuss about for days because my mom wouldn't buy me that! Heheh!

This one particular time I remember playing with my cousins on the terrace, where we had a 'tea-party' and we drank pepsi in those tiny cup-saucers pretending it was tea! Lol! :D

Those where the lovely days of childhood. A golden period of life. Back then we wished to grow-up, so we could do things without being stopped like all the elders do! If only we knew what it takes to actually be a grown-up!

Today, all the pretty little girls I grew up playing with, have grown up - some are already mummies to adorable baby boys, some are managing their real-homes and a few others are preparing for that big phase!

Every time I hear the news of some of my childhood friend getting married, my mind sends in an automatic message reminding me of how my marriage could also be just round the corner, inshaAllah but that thought brings with itself feeling of nostalgia too!

The thought that daddy's little princess is now grown up and soon has to move out of his love and care to a whole new family and house is a reason enough to bring a gulp in my throat! Makes me question .. "Papa main choti thi... badi ho gayi kyun?"


  1. OMG! nun u wont believe.. from the mornin i hav been singing the same song.. :/ "...kuch din aur rehti toh kya bigad jaata" ..

  2. Me tooo!! The songs's been somewhere on my mind all day! </3

  3. i too keep singin d song 2 myself almost evrydayy :(((( miss homee n d old sweeeet memoriesss :'( n tht line goes 2 me fara "kuch din aur rehti toh kya bigad jaata" :( miss u :( u still hav tym .. hav fun bein der till thn !! :')

  4. But seriously, it feels like we all grew up too soon!:/
    Anyway, alhumdulillah.. life does go on!

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