Saturday, 1 December 2012

DIY: Paper Flower

I am in lovee with Pinterest! One because they are soo many lovely ideas that are shared and secondly it's a great way to save all the cool links you come across on web and you think you might need them in future!

While I have 199 pins already, mashaAllah... I had not tried out any of the DIY crafts that I had pinned !
Today I went searching for this flower I had once seen that was made for gift decorations. I thought I would try it out and put that one a gift I intended to give to a friend's family who shifted to a new house recently! Unfortunately I didn't find the pin I was looking for, as I had failed to repin it on my board. But I did find some other great tutorials for gift decorations and I zeroed in on this one -

Check out the complete tutorial

I chose this one because I had all the items at home that I would need to make it! And it was so simple yet looked great to decorate a gift with simplicity mashaAllah! I just had to try it out!

Though I didn't have a pink napkin, I used a white one which matched perfectly with the gift wrap! :) mashaAllah! Here's the completed piece -

Cool huh? Alhumdulillah, I loved it! (A degree more merely because I finally did something I wanted to! :P ) I made really small folds for it, so when I cut the edges it did not give them a very defined shape like the one in the tutorial. Nevertheless, it looked decent mashaAllah! :)

Do check out the full tutorial on it here - Paper Flower Tutorial! :)

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