Saturday, 12 January 2013

5 Minutes DIY: Revamped Pin Cushion

During the christmas vacations, my niece and I decided to make a simply pin cushion tutorial of which we found on a blog. We did not have the fiberfill as it was mentioned so we tried out using cotton.. but didn't work :( You just could not stick pins into it.

We were disappointed and wondering what we could do. Just then it clicked why not instead just revamp the box we had received the hijab pins in? :)
As you can see the box was plain white .. the lid was broken and it was a pain inserting the pins into the plastic foam given in it.

So here is what we did:
  1. We removed the plastic foam (which looked something like this) from the box and wrapped it with the same cloth that we had cut to make a pin cushion.
  2.  We then used some fevicol on the cloth, so that it stays in place while we put it back into the box.
  3.  Placed it carefully in the box and tucked the side of the cloth neatly into the box.
  4. We got rid off the lid of the box and  just pinned the pins like one does in a pin cushion ;)

    The final result.. tada...

I simply love it, alhumdulillah! :D Now it's so much easier to use the pins and put them back in place without struggling!

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